Monday, 23 July 2012

Which Camera to bring

If you're serious about your photography you will need a high megapixel, fast focusing and responsive DSLR with a 70-300mm Macro lens.
You'll need a fast focusing and responsive DSLR if you want to take pictures of flying birds, however most animals including birds are quite cooperative.

In The Galapagos you will be very close to most animals, but you can't leave the trails so sometimes the extra reach is necessary.

I did also bring a compact camera  with 24-100mm lens as backup.

Bring additional batteries, at least two for each camera  and chargers; and then additional SD cards. You will take a lot of pictures.
Also use either UV or circular polarizer filters fpr protection.
No time for use of tripod - so do not bring.

For the panga rides - most landings does include panga ride -  I used waterproof zip lock bags to protect my cameras.

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