Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Useful web sites for Galapagos Planning

Here are a list of useful links for the planning of the Galapagos Tour
- Galapagos Conservancy
Galapagos Conservation Trust
- AboutGalapagos.com
- Discover Galapagos
- Galapagos travel advisor
- Galapagos Islands by Frommer's
- Go Visit Galapagos
- Galapagos Online
- GalapagosIslands.com
 Charles Darwin Foundation
- Darwin's Galapagos
 Foundation  Galapagos
- Quasas Galapagos Expedition 
- Wikitravel Galapagos Islands
- Galapagos geology on the web

Travel To Galapagos Islands To Learn About Galapagos Animals & Plants.
See the short video from my Galapagos Tour, November 2013.


  1. Thanks for the compillation of links for the planning of the Galapagos Tour. I also recommend other useful link: http://naturegalapagos.com/

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